CSW has one standing subcommittee, the Community Engagement Committee, and multiple subcommittees based on specific initiatives as members determine.  The current subcomittees for CSW are listed below. To share an area of concern with the Council please click here to use the Contact portion of the website and we will direct the inquiry accordingly.  Thank you.


Community Engagement

This committee is responsible for soliciting and reviewing nominations for council membership, as well as voting on new selections. This committee is also responsible for updating and reviewing the CSW bylaws and submitting any changes to the Council for a vote of approval.

Title IX

This committee works to address issues of sexual harassment and gender-based microagressions toward women on the UI campus.

Partnering Organizations

The Council has ex-officio members from the Rape Victim Advocacy Program, the office of the Vice President of Student Life, Women in Science & Engineering, UI Human Resources and more. For more information about these and other ex-officio organizations, please click here.

Policies and Benefits

This committee was originally formed to examine the status of parental leave for employees of the University of Iowa. The committee was retained in order to continue examining the inequities of compensation, benefits & advancement for women across the entire University. 

Partnering Organizations

UI Human Resources (Link)
UI Public Policy Center (Link)
UI Family Services (Link)


Strategic Planning