CSW acts as an advisory body to the university administration and as an advocacy group for all women on campus. The Council takes an intersectional approach to its work, recognizing how the many identities women hold affect their experience at the university. To email a specific councilor, please click their name.

Executive Board

Title of Office Councilor Name Membership 
Council Co-Chair Hannah Shultz Professional & Scientific - College Public Health
Council Co-Chair  Consuelo Guayara Sanchez Faculty - Department of Rhetoric
Vice-Chair Vacant  
Recorder Willow Fuchs  Professional & Scientific - Libraries
Constituent Relations  Lindsey Allemang Graduate Student-Political Science
Treasurer Katherine Gonzales Professional & Scientific - Sponsored Programs

The Council consists of twenty-five voting members (five faculty, five professional and scientific staff, five merit staff, five undergraduate and five graduate students), at-large members, and ex-officio members from designated university offices.

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Voting Members

Faculty Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Consuelo Guayara Sanchez Faculty - Department of Rhetoric
Melissa Tully Faculty - Journalism & Mass Comm.
Pamela Mulder Faculty - College of Nursing
Amany Farag Faculty - College of Nursing
Carolyn Hartley Faculty - School of Social Work
Professional & Scientific Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Hannah Shultz P&S - College of Public Health
Willow Fuchs P&S - Libraries
Amie Stewart P&S - UIHC Radiology
Katherine Gonzales P&S - Sponsored Programs
Erika Christiansen P&S - Center for Student Involvement
Merit Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Sally Robbins Merit - UI Counseling Service
Sandra Flake Merit - UIHC Emergency Medicine
Graduate Student Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Lindsey Allemang Graduate Student - Liberal Arts & Sciences
Caroline Pappalardo Graduate Student - College of Law
Erica Henderson Graduate Student - Carver College of Medicine
Aline Sandouk Graduate Student - Carver College of Medicine
Hannah Rochford Graduate Student - CPH Health Mgmt. & Policy
Undergraduate Student Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Caroline Herrera Undergraduate Student
Chi Anna Glaha Undergraduate Student
Demi Oo Undergraduate Student
Eileen Murray Undergraduate Student
Taya Westfield Undergraduate Student


At Large Members 

Councilor Name Membership 
Poorani Sekar Faculty - Department of Internal Medicine
Kristan Worthington Faculty - College of Engineering
Jill Endres Faculty - Family Medicine
Dawn Bates P&S - University Counseling Service
Anne-Sophie Wattiez P&S - Molecular Physiology & Biophysics
Hellecktra Orozco P&S - University
Danielle Sigler Graduate Student - Medical Education
Molly Kucera P&S - UIHC Nursing
Jiwon Kim Graduate Student - Dept. Rehabilitation & Counselor Education
Andrea Ash Graduate Student - College of Education
Holly Stevenson Graduate Student
Kailey Campbell Graduate Student
Mallory Martens Undergrad
Zoe Waters Undergrad


The Council accepts nominations annually, typically in February and/or March of each calendar year.

Updated February 2021