CSW acts as an advisory body to the university administration and as an advocacy group for all women on campus. The Council takes an intersectional approach to its work, recognizing how the many identities women hold affect their experience at the university. To email a specific councilor, please click their name.

Executive Board

Title of Office Councilor Name Membership 
Council Chair Dani Sigler P&S-Pediatrics
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect Mandi Remington Merit-Center for Disabilities and Development
Past Council Chair Carolyn Hartley Faculty-School of Social Work
Recorder Sarah Hovey Undergraduate Student-Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, and Sociology
Membership/Election Officer Sarah Hovey Undergraduate Student-Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies, and Sociology
Communication Officer Kate Gucik Graduate Student-Theater Arts
Treasurer  Vacant Vacant

The Council consists of twenty-five voting members (five faculty, five professional and scientific staff, five merit staff, five undergraduate and five graduate students), at-large members, and ex-officio members from designated university offices.

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Voting Members

Faculty Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Jill Endres Faculty - COM- Family Medicine
Nadia Sabbagh Steinberg Faculty - CLAS - School of Social Work
Kelly Ferroni Faculty - UIHC - Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lina-Maria Murillo Faculty - CLAS - Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies
Becky Gonzalez Faculty - CLAS - Dept of Spanish and Portuguese
Professional & Scientific Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Rosie Ver Steegh P&S - Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Holly Davis P&S - University Counseling Service
Dani Sigler (+) P&S - Pediatrics
Chelsea Green (+) P&S - Ophthalmology
Lynne Nugent P&S - English
Merit Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Heidi Ann Paulsen (+) Merit - Nursing
Amanda Remington Merit - Center for Disabilities and Development
Carolina Leos Merit - UI Main Library
Kelly Allman Merit - Ambulatory Care- Organ Transplant
Graduate Student Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Peter Larsen (+) Graduate Student - American Studies
Cecelia Boakye Botwe Graduate Student - Higher Education and Student Affairs
Alisson Bywater Graduate Student - Counseling Psychology
Katie Gucik Graduate Student - Theatre Arts
Saige M. Addison Graduate Student - Social Work 
Undergraduate Student Members
Councilor Name Membership 
Estella Ruhrer-Johnson Undergraduate Student - Political Science and Social Justice
Nithya Myneni Undergraduate Student - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Madelyn Deutsch Undergraduate Student - Political Science
Alliyah Lipsit Undergraduate Student - Political Science
Chloe Mayfield Undergraduate Student - Political Science
Sarah Hovey Undergraduate Student - GWSS and Sociology


At Large Members 

Councilor Name Membership 
Carolyn Hartley Faculty - School of Social Work
Kari Harland (+) Faculty - Emergency Medicine
Kokila Thenuwara Faculty - Anesthesia
Jennifer Sterling Faculty - American Studies
Consuelo Guayara Sanchez Faculty - Rhetoric
Stephanie Batterson Faculty - Rhetoric
Hannah Roeder Faculty - Neurology
Elissa Faro Faculty - Research Assistant Professor
Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart Faculty - Communication Studies
Hellecktra Orozco (+) P&S - Human Resources
Neda Barrett (+) P&S - College of Law
Molly Kucera P&S - UIHC
Angela Ward (+) P&S - Distance & Online Education
Willow Fuchs P&S - Libraries
Renee Sueppel P&S - President's Office
Emma Awad P&S - UIHC - Pharmacist
Brittany Benda P&S - Registrar Office
Ameila Dernyk P&S - Student Financial Aid
Jennifer Stark P&S - UIHC Opthamology
Willa Oddleifson P&S - Administration
Ben Stone P&S - Business Services Admin
Morgan Gulley P&S - Health Care Information Systems
Celine Fender Graduate Student
Mallary Martens Graduate Student
Brianna Wills Merit - Facilities Management


The Council accepts nominations annually, typically in February and/or March of each calendar year.

Updated October 2023